Quickbooks & Smartsheet

JeremiahHorstick ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in API & Developers

So. I've been working on this Quickbooks & Smartsheet Integration for a couple of years now for my own internal use. 

It has many application & the proof of concept exists and we use it. 

We use it for an approval process (for invoices):

The power of Smartsheet i.e. (approvals, communication, notes) makes this a beautiful way to manage invoices. It allows us to go further than Bill.com in terms of work-flowing invoices. 

We use it for billables (creating AR invoices)

There's a lot more to what we are doing going such as logically categorizing expenses, sharing data with our investors and key stake holders.

We have our budgets in Smartsheet being updated by our vendors, maintaining vendor pricing. 

We created a cash forecast based on the budgets & project schedules stacked to show cash requirements updated real-time. 

There's some other things we have it doing and I just thought I'd say it so you guys know what I'm up to! If anyone is interested drop a line here in the community. 

The list goes on for how we use Smartsheet. It's essentially for almost everything. I'll elaborate more on that another time.