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Hello Smartsheet community,

Hoping you can help me with the solution I have copied below. How would I go about doing this?

I am trying to create a form that district managers can use to review their sites. I work for a system that has over 180 sites. During the review if there is a violation, I would like them to be able to upload a photo of the problem.

The form would be simple: is this in compliance or not? (example, are all food items labeled correctly?) If no, I want them to have the option to upload a photo of the problem. There will be 30+ items in the site reviews. There could be more than 10 photos and I do not want them to have to wait until the end of the form to upload the photos. If conditional formatting could populate an upload photo/file box when “no” is selected, that would be awesome!!

Does anyone have a workaround/idea that may work for this? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!


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    This is very quick to set up. I created a test sheet like so:

    The "Is Compliant?" column is a drop-down single select with just Yes and No options. The rest are all just text/number columns. Then you start to create your form like so:

    I made everything a required field but you don't have to if they're allowed to skip anything. For the File Upload field, it'll be on the left side of the screen for a new form. Just drag it into the position shown above. Then click on the "Is Compliant?" question and you can format it like so:

    You can give it a custom (longer) name so it makes sense in the form and doesn't make a long named column on your sheet. You can also add your example as the Help Text. Then click on the Logic shown near the top and set it like this:

    Ultimately, this will give you a form that looks like this when it's opened:

    Then when they choose No to the compliance question it will give them this:

    The best part is that if they choose No to the compliance question it will require them to upload a file. If they choose Yes to the compliance question it won't show the file upload box and it will allow them to submit the form. Just make sure you marked the File Upload as a required field on your form settings.

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    Thank you so much for your quick response!! Appreciate the help!