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Lekshmi Unnithan
Lekshmi Unnithan Employee
edited 12/19/23 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

Focusing on work in Smartsheet is challenging when you have multiple browser tabs open at once. It’s easy to lose track of which browser tab has the Smartsheet item you need, get distracted by non-Smartsheet tabs, and lose momentum.

That’s why we released the new Smartsheet desktop app! Use the desktop app to access Smartsheet right from your device’s taskbar, organize your Smartsheet items in tabs, stay up to date with notifications, and work without the distractions of multiple browser tabs.

The desktop app is available to licensed users on all plan types and free trial users in the Commercial US region. Please note that while EU region customers can download and use the Smartsheet desktop app, the app experience is not optimized for EU customers. Full, optimized support of the desktop app experience for EU customers will be officially made available in the future.

Learn more about the Smartsheet desktop app and how to download it.

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Lekshmi Unnithan

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