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Don't Drop the Leading Zero in Form Submission

I have a simple form to capture the last 4 of a SS#. I restrict the text/number field to numbers only on the form, but the leading zero gets dropped. Answer from Support was to remove restriction of numbers only, which defeats the purpose of this feature. Please vote to have Smartsheet include logic that will not drop a leading zero in a form field restricted to numbers only.

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  • jpaul
    jpaul ✭✭✭✭

    yes please!! we have a form to capture expenses and part of it is for the last 4 digits of a card number. dropping the leading zeros is skewing our data!

  • We need this desperately, for our drilling permits. Our forms have many fields that require 24 hour time format, as most of our work is done in the morning at say 0600, we need the leading zeros. In our forms the field is a required field and must be number only as we have happy faces that have ended up in our data at times. If the field is required and you type in 0600 an error message pops ups and says 'This field can only contain numbers', at this point our crew cannot submit the form unless they drop the zero which they will not understand as technically they are still numbers.