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Hello, I am new to smartsheet. I have taken a beginner course and am well versed in excel. Just wondering if there is a template or if someone could help me create a sign up sheet?

The idea is that each trainer (Sometimes multiple trainers) is available for a 1 hour training session every hour except lunch. These sessions can have up to 3 trainees signed up and could be anything they want to be trained in.

Currently, I already have something similar in Outlook. A supervisor will find a timeslot that works with the trainee's schedule, add the trainee and what they want to train in. The current sign up process is messy as those who sign up move things around because they can edit and add their trainees. My manager now wants to move over to smartsheet.

The hope is that I can add a way to remind someone that they are signed up for a training time, as well as allow supervisors to sign up for these trainings pretty easily.

Thank you to anyone that might have more information!


  • Colleen Patterson
    Colleen Patterson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I would think that the Program Staffing Calendar would be the best choice as an already existing SS Template.

    You would be able to find this using the + feature in the left navigation bar, and then using the search bar for this.

    As far as the reminders go, you would be easily able to schedule those with the automation based on the contact value in cell and using a XX days prior trigger. Additionally, if you view that sheet in Calendar view, it would also enable you to sync with an external calendar system.

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