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Update Task Status from Resource Management to Smartsheets


Ability to update the task status in Resource management and push this back into Smartsheets. Currently my resources enter their time in Resource Management and update the status of the task when complete - this currently doesn't flow back into smartsheets and it is either a manual process for me to see what tasks have been completed in RM and update in Smartsheets, or they have to update this in two places.

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  • Lee Bowen

    The ability to link a 'Task Status' column from Smartsheet to the Task Status in Resource Management would be a great enhancement.

    Resource Management already has a Task Status picker, with color coding, but the use case is diminished because there is no link between the associated Smartsheet.

  • AaronUnderwood

    Just to confirm, there is no way to link the status in the Smartsheet to the task status in resource management? The resource management is great for a high level view, but a view showing the connected status would be the ultimate goal to make this work.

  • M_Rogers

    @AaronUnderwood - there is currently no way to do this - they are two separate statuses.