Control Center - Global Update Find/Replace Formula


I am testing the functionality of the Global Update feature in Control Center using the Starter Project data.

Since not all my projects will have budget information available and entered in the Request Intake sheet this will generate an error on the budge variance calculation. What I would like to do is update the existing formula with a new formula with the IFERROR() function. For example:

Existing: =(Description$4 / Description$3) - 1

Replace with: =IFERROR((Description$4 / Description$3) - 1,0)

I have created a test project using the Starter information so that it can be applied through Global Updates. This seemed like a good small testbed for learning this feature (understanding I could just change it directly on the Starter Budget Template).

When testing this rule it never returns any results or updates to the requested cell.

Reading through other help topics I did see a reference to using the [ROW] is Metadata rule, but there is no is Metadata option in my dropdown for conditions.

**[edit] So like most things, 10 seconds after trying it I noticed that is Profile Data is an option. Tried that and it worked 😂. Maybe it is worth leaving open to show how I missed that!


Tried to include any screenshots that may help.

Appreciate any feedback!