How to allow domain level permissions on a workapp?


I was able to develop a workapp as the central location for all of my reports and calendars and love how it's laid out. However, I'm at a blocking point where I can't identify how to allow anyone in my company (we have single sign on) to have access to the Workapp. When i go to permissions, the only option I can see is by individually selecting each person. Is there any other option besides individually adding people 1 by 1?


  • mgarcen
    mgarcen ✭✭

    heard back from Smartsheet support, so sharing for others' benefit:

    there isn't a straightforward way to share to an entire org (though this is a phenomenal idea). The closest we can get is to share to a Smartsheet group. 

    To do this, you would need to have a Group Admin create a group within your org that contained all of the users within the org. Then, when sharing your items (WorkApp, sheet, report, dashboard, workspace), you can share to the group and effectively the entire org. For more information on Smartsheet groups, please see: Admin Center: Manage and use Smartsheet contact groups.

    To find a Group Admin, you'll want to reach out to a SysAdmin within your org. To find the contact information for a SysAdmin, navigate to Account > Plan Info... > Contact Email.

    JPJPJP ✭✭✭✭

    I'm looking for this as well. The current permissions system for WorkApps is way too restrictive to be of any use.

    Smartsheet Dynamic View allows you to grant permissions on a domain level, so that anyone who is logged into Smartsheet with an email address on that specific domain, they can access your Dynamic View. WorkApps really needs the exact same domain-level permission system. I don't see why not, because WorkApps is basically just UI menu layer over Dynamic Views and pages already that those same users can already access if needed.