Visualize Workloads Across Teams with the New Capacity View in Resource Management by Smartsheet

Adam Lang
Adam Lang Employee
edited 05/26/23 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

The new Capacity View experience lives on the Schedule in Resource Management by Smartsheet. It's one view for resource, project and portfolio managers to monitor capacity and bandwidth across all their teams so they can plan, manage and allocate resources more efficiently. 

You can access this new view by clicking on “Capacity” in the top left corner on the Schedule. 

Here’s a bit more information on what you are seeing in the month by month view in the screenshot: 

  • Light blue cells signal the team is at 100% capacity or below their capacity limit
  • Light red cells signal the team is above their 100% capacity limit but below 150%
  • Dark red cells signal the team is over their capacity limit by at least 150% 

Clicking on any cell will bring up a tooltip where you can click on “Go To Allocation Heatmap” to assign resources to a project. 

This feature is available for licensed Resource Management By Smartsheet users and anyone on a Resource Management by Smartsheet free trial.

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Adam Lang, Sr. Product Marketing Manager