How to make my automated email only send once?

Jeremy Oesch
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Hello! I am going to explain as best I can.

So i have a automated system setup and currently i have where they fill out a form and it then auto creates a Fillable PDF. That gets sent to them which they have to get signed and re submit it into smart sheet. I have it set up where it send an alert which has the PDF and then a separate one that sends the the update request where they can attach any files that are needed. I just noticed however that when ever they attach a document it re sends the email. I don't know how to make it only send once (The first time) as they need to submit multiple documents and whenever they want. So is there a way to make it only send once even if they add attachments later on? If possible I would prefer it to be completely internal rather than asking them to check a box or something in the request update form.




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    Hi @Jeremy Oesch

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    You'd have to ask the submitter to select what they are submitting, or you'd have to use the Smartsheet API or a 3rd-party service that can "read" what they are submitting.

    Is that an option?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Jeremy Oesch


    I have never used API. If i were to download it would I be able to use it and Would it be a problem as i have a business account with multiple people but I am not the owner so would I be able to use it just for my account and not mess with the groups?