Transitioning Existing Smartsheet Integration to Microsoft 365 GCC High


An existing client makes heavy use of Smartsheet integration with their current Microsoft 365 commercial tenant. They have some Power Automate / Flows built around this integration.

They are exploring a migration to a Microsoft 365 GCC High tenant and I wanted to clear up a few questions regarding Smartsheet before making any recommendations.

Are all subscription tiers of Smartsheet capable of the same integration with GCC High as they are with commercial or is a specific subscription tier required?

Where can I find more detailed information on the process regarding Microsoft 365 integration and the components involved?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin


    When you note "subscription tiers", are you referencing different plan types or different instances of Smartsheet?

    If your client is using GCC High, I presume they will want to be using the Gov instance of Smartsheet for security purposes. If that's the case, then currently integrating with Microsoft 365 is not supported from the Gov instance. Here's an article with more information: Differences Between Smartsheet Gov and Smartsheet Commercial

    If you're wanting to know if Microsoft 365 GCC High can integrate with Smartsheet's commercial instance (versus Gov), I found this article in their Power Automate documentation: Microsoft Build - Smartsheet. This states that Power Automate does not connect Smartsheet with the US Government (GCC High) instance.

    In regards to what's included in each plan-type, you can view this on the Pricing page after clicking "Complete Features List" below the initial plan summaries: