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I am using smartsheet to manage insurance claims. We are independent adjusters who go out and inspect a property for damage, then we write a report and submit to the insurance company. I am using one row each for individual's claim data. When the report is approved by the insurance company, I am supposed to email a copy of the report to the insured.


I know how to use smartsheet to send an attachment, but I am confused as to the best way to store and access the insured's email address. I am guessing that I will need to input them as some sort of contact, like part of a group or something. I only want them to be able to download the one claim file without any other access, no sheet, no claim row, nothing but the one file.


Much appreciated for any guidance.


  • Data Solution Consultant
    edited 03/04/16

    Hi Daniel,


    Based upon your question I have created prototype screenshots which I will include one per comment.

    Please provide feedback if it represents your question.






  • Data Solution Consultant
    edited 03/04/16

    This is what end client (John Roberts) will see which includes download links for attachments.

    It hides certain details e.g. internal reports of insurance companies etc.


  • I would need further details to inderstand.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Daniel, I would add the users to your Smartsheet contact list (Account > My Smartsheet Contacts) then when you are sending the emails, start typing their name and the email will auto resolve. They won’t have any access to your sheets or rows by adding them to your contact list. 


  • The screenshots are compressed on this page.

    It is difficult to read text inside images.


    To view full screenshot sothat you can read text inside images do the following :

    Right click on screenshot and click option of copy-image-location

    Open other browser window and paste the image location copied earlier

    It will display full image.


    It will be nice if discussion page allows option of zooming attached images.



  • Are there any plans to enhance the contacts to include phone numbers.  And even a more dreamy idea, a one to many relationship per row?  I would love to hear others ideas of how they are maintaining their contacts and relating multiple entries, when necessary, to rows.  (i.e. if a task is related to more than one contact, how are you connecting them.  If you have created a Vendor List, how do you handle more than one contact per vendor?)


    Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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