Document Builder checkbox format


I've been using the document builder with a PDF that has a lot of checkboxes.

When the document is generated, all the check marks are out of place and also in with a trace I did'nt add in my PDF editor.

I checked all the format options in the PDF editor and also test two other editors to discard any program incompatibility.

There is other person experimenting this? And can someone confirm if is this a Smartsheet error?

Thanks in advanced


  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Hi @Luis Hernandez,

    I haven't used Document Builder for a pdf that includes checkboxes, but I have lots of experience getting creative to overcome some limitations of it.

    If I was experiencing this issue, I would find a way around using a checkbox. For instance, could you create a helper column on your sheet with a formula that would display an "X" in that column if the applicable checkbox was checked in Smartsheet? You could then populate that "X" into your pdf, which would likely behave better than a checkmark.