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easier references to other sheets


Hi all,

I prefer to use references of the form {sheet_name Range 1} rather than using the "link from cell in other sheet..." because the formula can be copied to another cell where trying to copy the direct-linked cell only copies the value, not the link. If I have a lot of cells all linked to a particular cell in another sheet, it's easier to use the formula version.

But..I don't get the prompt to select the reference unless I'm actually entering a formula. If I just type "=" into a cell, it knows I'm starting to type a formula but I don't get anything that allows me to reference a cell in another sheet unless I do something like "=sum(" at which point I get the help bubble for SUM which has the link-to-a-reference function. Once I make the link, I have something like "=SUM({sheet_name Range 1})" - then I can get rid of the SUM or just leave it.

So, the request is: as soon as I type "=" or even "{" give me a pop-up that starts the linking process instead of making me use the "=SUM(" workaround.


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