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Open files in a new window


A recent update in Smartsheet changed the way we view files. Previously, when you clicked on a file it opened automatically in a new tab and this meant you could have several files open at once and the ability to move between them. The update removed this function and now the file opens in a preview window with little functionality and worse still only view one file at a time.

Please bring back the old way where a pdf (or other) opens in a new tab. Hopefully there are other users out there who will support this functionality returning too.

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @David Perston

    The ability to open an attachment in a new tab is still available, either from the Attachments pane or in the new Smartsheet preview window:

    You can also use keyboard shortcuts to open the file in a new tab as well: Ctrl+Click (Windows) or CMD+Click (Mac).



  • timjaknz

    Did you get any further with how this has affected your workflows? We have a client who relies on Smartsheet and (especially) in the factory where the users are less tech-savvy this change has had a major negative impact. Especially the lack of ability to print from Preview and just the quality of the previewed image being extremely variable.