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Resource Management Report - Utilization View - Group by Project


It would be so helpful to be able to group the Resource Management Analytics (Report)- Utilization View by PROJECT. Project grouping is currently available for the Time & Fees view, but not Utilization. See attached.

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  • Matthew Deehan

    We have a need for a report, or maybe an allocation heatmap, but not your typical out of the box allocation heatmap. We want to know and be able to report out on who (by internal department) we (my team) are working for. Where (by internal department) are we (my team) spending our time (by % utilization)? I would like to report out something like this; “We are spending 25% of our time supporting the Client Services department” or “We are spending 50% of our time supporting the Commercial Operations Department”.  

    We had a thought to use the field “Tags” within the project settings page, so I figured out how to add in a tag for each one of our internal departments. I’ve been playing with the Analytics report builder and can’t figure out how to build a report to report out on % time allocated per project tag (i.e. internal departments).

    We just got done with a 30-minute ProDesk session with Heather D, investigating this need, and we hit a wall. We attempted to build a Utilization report that would be grouped by project tag, but came to find out that field (Project Tag) is not available within the "First Group by" section.

    Below is as far as we got building the report with Heather D from the ProDesk;

    Resource Management>Analytics>New Report>View by Utilization>First Group by. Then we realized we couldn't group by project tag and hit a wall.

  • What a great idea!! We would definitely use that functionality

  • What a great idea!! We would definitely use that functionality.