Start/stop buttons for timekeeping?

Julie Fortney
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I am curious to know if anyone has a solution for stop/start buttons to record team members' time toward projects in Smartsheet outside of Resource Management.

This is for a small team without access to any premium apps. When a new project is set up, it is added to a master Project List sheet, and manually added to the dropdown on the Timekeeping sheet. Team members use a Timekeeping form to select their project from a dropdown and enter the date and hours worked.

The ideal solution would be: the team member goes to an easily accessible location, selects their project from a dropdown, and hits Start. When they are done working on the project, they hit Stop. If they forget to start or stop the timer, they have the option to enter or update time manually.

I'd love to find out if anyone has ideas for something outside of Smartsheet that could be integrated with Smartsheet.

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