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Hide Attachments and Comments on Reports within WorksApps


We have some internal sensitive data saved as attachments that we do not want our clients to see. I have hidden the Attachments and Comments Column on the Reports and saved them as View Only within WorkApps. However, the users can still view the attachment even though I have hidden the Attachment column, by right clicking on the row and selecting View Details. This should not happen on a view only document. Support has given me some options, which are not helpful.

1) Lock the Rows - you can still right click and view Attachments and Comments

2) Publish the Report as read only - same as above

3) Create a Dashboard with the Report within the Dashboard - Unfortunately, our Reports are too long and doesn't show the whole report, and it says, "Click to view Full Report."

The solution would be for the Attachments and Comments to be hidden when right clicking if those Columns are hidden.

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  • LaurenT28

    I agree, this would be an ideal addition. It makes no sense that you can store attachments and write comments amongst your team, only to have that sensitive information available to anyone who opens the reports.