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Automatic item numbering


It would be really good to be able to format text entries so that they are numbered automatically based on indentation level like:


1. Header 
2. Header
2.1. sub header
2.2. sub header

2.2.1 sub sub header
3. header

I actually wonder how it can be it is not implemented already? It is quite important to be able to reference items and discuss a plan together





  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 07/06/15

    Hi Morten, we are looking into adding a WBS into future versions of Smartsheet but the full scope has not been defined at this time so I am unable to give any specific details on how that may look/work. I will pass your feedback along to our product team! 


    If you want an easy way to reference rows, you could use the Auto-Numbering column which can automatically apply a unique number to all your existing rows and any new row that you add. 

  • David Vanderzwaag
    edited 11/20/15

    Travis, a WBS-style numbering system would be fabulous.  I second this request.

  • Eileen Cease
    edited 12/22/15

    I agree with the others.  An automatic WBS numbering feature would be extremely helpful.  

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks Davis and Eileen, I have submitted your votes!

  • Robert Poddar

    Hi Travis, 


    Please count my vote too with regard to automatic WBS numbering.. i find it very useful and have been using the same in MS Project. 




  • Dietrich Koch
    Dietrich Koch ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/14/16

    WBS and WBS autonumbering would be a great enhancement!!


    +1  from my side


    Is there already any news on this ?

  • afgilbert

    Hi there, There hasn't been an update on adding a WBS feature in almost a year...what are the plans for Smartsheet to introduce it? I'm presently trialling the software and my decision will be partly based on whether or not Smartsheet introduces this functionality soon.  Thanks!

  • JohnZastrow
    JohnZastrow ✭✭
    edited 01/18/17

    I feel like the newer Hierarchy Formulas (ancestors, children, parents - https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/775363-using-formulas#hierarchical ) could be used in some way to achieve WBS-style numbering but I just spent 10 minutes playing with it and it's more complex than I have time for - and I'm not sure how to achieve incrementing numbering for the top-level. 


    Has anyone else worked on this?

  • I don't think you can create it easily yourself. Smartsheet should just add the functionality, which should be pretty easy to implement

  • Evan
    edited 02/13/17

    +1 to adding auto WBS option similar to MS project. Seems like a major oversight.


  • Michael DeSandoli
    edited 03/31/17

    I've got a very kludgy implementation using the Hierarchy functions (thanks JohnZastrow).  Three major problems with it, though:

    * you need to copy the functions in the row into new rows

    * if you delete or insert rows, you need to re-copy all the functions.

    * sorting on WBS will not work (I keep the RowID column around to be able to reset the sort in case I make a mistake)



    Ancestors :  =COUNT(ANCESTORS())

    Level 1 : Row 1: =1

                  Row 2: =IF($Ancestors2 = 0, [Level 1]1 + 1, [Level 1]1)

    Level 2: Row 1: =1

                 Row 2: =IF($Ancestors2 < 1, 0, IF($Ancestors2 = 1, [Level 2]1 + 1, [Level 2]1))

    Level 3: Row 1: =1

                 Row 2: =IF($Ancestors2 < 2, 0, IF($Ancestors2 = 2, [Level 3]1 + 1, [Level 3]1))

    Level 4: Row 1: =1

                 Row 2: =IF($Ancestors2 < 3, 0, IF($Ancestors2 = 3, [Level 4]1 + 1, [Level 4]1))

    Level 5: Row 1: =1

                 Row 2: =IF($Ancestors2 < 4, 0, IF($Ancestors2 = 4, [Level 5]1 + 1, [Level 5]1))

    WBS: =SUBSTITUTE([Level 1]1 + "." + [Level 2]1 + "." + [Level 3]1 + "." + [Level 4]1 + "." + [Level 5]1, ".0", "")


    Copy Row 2 to all your other rows.  Get used to doing this. You'll need to do it everytime you add, delete or move rows. 

    Hide the Ancestors and Level 1...5 columns if they annoy you. 


    Best I could do with the functions available in Smartsheet.


    SURE would be NICE to have this built in!!






    Let me know if you can think of any improvements.

    WBS Outline Header Numbering (1).png

  • Thon Deboer

    +1 this request..Seems two years since the first suggestion and no action from Smartsheet...Pity, since this is SUCH an obvious feature...

  • Thon Deboer

    Thanks for this...This works nicely. It seems I don't have to copy/paste the formulas in the next lines, since smartsheets seems to do that automatically...So only needed to do this once...OK workaround...

  • Thys

    Still not here?  Come on, how about a git of good news?



  • Josh Garcia

    Would like to add my vote to this feature request. Smartsheet team, I recognize your team sees a lot of requests that might be readily resolved with formulas. Could you provide formula or article outlining a temporary workaround in the meantime?

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