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Diverse visual calendar options


I am working with a team of field technicians that are all within the same department, but often split into smaller teams to complete work. These teams are dynamic, meaning that of the 8 technicians, all are capable of working with any number of the others in any number of total technicians. I am trying to design a calendar that reflects which technician(s) are assigned which job. This can and has been visualized by the calendar colouring options. Tech A is blue, Tech B is green, etc.

The functionality I am looking for involves another way of diversifying the visual look of the calendar. The jobs these technicians do are diverse in nature and involve a different set of tools for each. It would be extremely convenient to assign the technicians colour to the calendar for a project, and also signify which type of project it is. See example below:



Simply by adding another visualization option to the calendar (Bolding text, Hatching or mixing multiple colours, or adding a symbol) would suffice my needs. I am confident that others have reasons for wanting a calendar function that allows for the visualization of multiple fields. Creating a calendar that reflects multiple criteria (even if its just two) would be incredibly helpful, especially with my teams working off the Mobile App.

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