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We created a workspace and made our client (from different organization) the owner, but there are still several sheets, reports and dashboards that are under our ownership. We are not a licensed user anymore. Is there any way for us to transfer ownership of all items to our client (without having to do it one by one for each sheet, report and dashboard)? Or is there anything the client can do to take ownership of everything at once?


  • Itai
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    Hey @IswaryaSrinivasan ,

    Are all the files in 1 workspace?

    You can make the client an admin on this workspace and then ask them to go to the sharing (right click the workspace) and choose from the dropdown menu to make himself the owner.

    If you are an Admin you can also do it from the Admin center but I dont think you will need that.

    Let me know if that helps or if you need further assistance.

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  • Hi Itai,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, all content is in under one workspace and the client is already the owner of that workspace. However, a lot of files inside the workspace still show us as the owner.

    Since they are already the owner of the workspace, how can our client get ownership of the items in the same workspace that are still showing us as the owner? We are not a licensed user anymore so can't access admin center.

  • Samuel Mueller
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    @IswaryaSrinivasan This might work. Have him create a new workspace, and drag all those files to the new workspace, then drag them back.