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Misleading CAPTCHA information on forms

When setting up the options on a form, there is an option to "Reduce spam with CAPTCHA." Most users would assume that a CAPTCHA window or graphic would be displayed before the form could be submitted but that is not the case. Having worked with Smartsheet Support we understand now that the form may be using "reCAPTCHA V2 invisible" therefore no apparent CAPTCHA process appears but instead a behind-the-scenes Google process is invoked.

While, if true, this is fine from a security perspective, it would be helpful if the related documentation made this process clear and set the correct expectations. This enhancement request is to make all of the related documentation on this process consistent including but not limited to, the title of the option on the form (e.g., "Reduce spam with CAPTCHA" could possibly be "Reduce spam with invisible reCAPTCHA"), the information (i) that appears with this option on the form, and the help page found at

Please let us know if you need any further information to consider this enhancement request.

Thank you.

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