Forwarding Approval Requests

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I am developing a system that involves a large workflow of approvals. I have it set up so that the user selects a person for each approval to go to. However, I want to be able to have the person who receives the approval, be able to defer the approval to a superior if it is necessary. I found that forwarding an approval via email does work, however in the system it still documents the approval as if the original person approved it, even though it was approved by the superior. This normally wouldn't be an issue, however for this project accurate documentation is very important. Does anyone know a way that would allow the approval request to be fully transferred to the superior?

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  • AravindGP
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    Hi @Casey Rogers

    A work around would be to use update requests instead of approval actions. This way, the user can change the email address in the approver field from themselves to someone else or use the dropdown in the approval status column to approve or reject. If the approver has access to the sheet, they can change the email and you might need to add a column to do a manual trigger of the workflow to the new approver selected.



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