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Sheet access report should include licensed, unlicensed, or "other" indicator


It would be helpful if the sheet access report identified the users in the sharing list as a licensed, unlicensed, or Other (Smartsheet Contact). This would assist with auditing the use of our objects and terminating access when people leave or should no longer have access.

Currently, this can be accomplished by "joining" the Sheet Access with the User List however, as a System Admin, the result list is too large for me to process and on a separate "idea" I submitted as "Owner report for My Smartsheet Contacts" which asks that the sheet access report be made available to each owner for their objects. The owners won't be able to complete this "join" process as they don't, and, nor they should, have access to the User List report.

So the flow is, the system admin can run the sheet access report which, with this enhancement, tells them who has shares to Smartsheet Contacts, and builds and sends one email that includes all of these owners and includes instructions on how to run their individual sheet access report and how to resolve issues.

Happy to discuss further.

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