Is it possible to make a work flow app

edited 07/26/23 in Smartsheet Basics


I am wondering if it is possible to create a workflow app that takes data from my sheet, and based on the value of one cell in a column, makes that row visible to another user so they know they need to complete that rows "job", and then with a click of a button on their part, mark it as complete, and it then moves on to the next user, and so on until completed. Where I can also view the status of all of these rows to keep track of where all these jobs are in the entire workflow?


It’s important that it be as simple as possible, with just one button to press to mark the job complete, and attachments linked to the job. Additionally, it is preferable that they cannot see all of the data, and each person only sees assigned columns of data.


I’d really appreciate any help or reference to video or written tutorials on how to accomplish this. Thank you.