A Template that is more friendly way to set this up


I hope that my screenshot is helpful, but i am still using new tools in Smartsheets, but i was wondering if anyone had any idea of a way I can set up my 1x1 meetings, per supervisor in Smartsheets.

So i have 3 departments, and each department has about 12 supervisors each, and those supervisors have about 12-18 employees to report to them. I need to set up Smartsheets the date and time and how often these 1x1 are scheduled.

Also, My manager would like this to be recurring in Calendar View, but how can i do that if that makes sense?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Genesia

    The way I would personally do this is to have 3 sheets: one per department.

    Then I would set up the Grid of the sheet to show the Week Number as a Parent row. Underneath, list out each of the meetings that have to happen that week.

    The Calendar view would need one row for every meeting, it can't automatically add data for you. This means you'd need to fill out all the "Tuesdays" for the end of the year with the 1:1 information for it to show up, does that make sense?

    This means that once you have one week hierarchy created, you can copy/paste that structure until the end of the year, adjusting the dates in the Date Column. Since there's a date associated, you can then view this in Calendar View.

    Finally, you can consolidate all 3 sheets for the 3 departments using a Row Report.

    There are also some other templates you may find helpful in the Solution Center, such as the Meeting Management template set or the Team Operations and Sync template set.