New solution panel makes collaboration even easier!

John Hieger
John Hieger Employee
edited 09/14/23 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

Our new Workspace solution panel makes building powerful, collaborative solutions in Smartsheet easier than ever. Our latest development incorporates your feedback and takes Workspaces to new heights with a left-hand panel that simplifies navigation enabling you to build, organize and tailor solutions so you can easily share them to better collaborate across the organization. 

This update introduces a Workspace solution panel that allows you to view all Workspace content while working on an individual sheet, report, folder or dashboard as well as easily switch between them in your Workspace. You can also quickly create new assets in your Workspace leveraging the new “Create” button for even easier team alignment and solution creation. 

This is available for all plans. 

Help article here:

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Note: Over the next week we will be releasing the new solution panel to our customers in phases: enabling it for some of our users on August 3rd and gradually increasing the percentage until reaching 100% on August 11th August 21st. We've shifted our rollout for full user implementation. It will be more gradual and extend into September. We will come back with an update once the rollout is 100% complete. Thank you for your patience.


John Hieger, Product Marketing Manager

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