MAX retry count reached error on offload data shuttle

Emily McClary
Emily McClary ✭✭
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I am trying to offload data from a Smartsheet using DataShuttle. I have many successful shuttles, but I am receiving the error message Processing Error. Job will be retried and eventually Max retry count reached. I have included snip-its of the process and errors. Any help is greatly appreciated!



  • Hamza1
    Hamza1 Moderator

    Hi @Emily McClary

    A likely common cause for the error messages you’re experiencing is if the file is too complex or has exceeded Smartsheet's Data Shuttle limits (see here: 5,000 rows for a replace upload, 20,000 rows for a merge upload). You can offload up to 20,000 rows and with Data Shuttle, Smartsheet limitations still apply. 

    You may consider applying filters or decide to only map a selection of columns. You can also create multiple workflows using a common data category to distribute the data into multiple sheets.

    If issue persists and your file is within the limits, I would suggest contacting the Support team through the customer support portal to troubleshoot the behaviour with you in a more private channel.