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Data Shuttle - add in rows with out Unique Identifiers

Adriane Price
Adriane Price ✭✭✭✭✭✭

The concept of this idea for the "Data Shuttle" aims to overcome the current limitations in data integration, specifically focusing on accommodating users who wish to incorporate rows without the requirement of unique identifiers.

The Challenge with Unique Identifiers:

At present, Smartsheet mandates the presence of unique identifiers during the data shuttle process for integrating data into its sheets. While this approach offers clear advantages, it becomes a hurdle when working with data sources that lack such identifiers. This frequently results in additional complexities, forcing users to generate identifiers or restructure their data, ultimately leading to inefficiencies.

Integrating Intake Form and Excel Uploads:

A critical challenge emerges for us when combining the use of the intake form and Excel uploads within the Smartsheet environment. This challenge revolves around the potential for unintended data deletions or updates within the intake form when an Excel sheet is uploaded. Addressing this challenge is vital to maintaining data integrity and user confidence within our company.

Solution Idea - dedicated data segregation mechanism for both an intake form and excel upload. Ensuring that when the excel upload is happening it will not affect the intake form data and vice versa.

  • Intake Form Mode:
    • Users continue using the intake form for submissions.
    • Intake form data remains untouched during Excel uploads.
  • Excel Upload Mode (Data Shuttle):
    • Users uploading Excel sheets operate within a distinct environment.
    • Excel uploads won't impact data in the intake form.

Hopefully, this approach maintains data integrity and provides users with clear, separate pathways for data input. Thank you for considering this idea. I'm excited about its potential to enhance data integration and improve the overall user experience.


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