Can't remove a column from Calendar App view

Sara H
Sara H ✭✭✭✭
edited 09/13/23 in Add Ons and Integrations

I have created a Calendar where the items on the calendar are filled with color based on Group 2 (see screenshots). I have selected that I do not want Group 2 displayed and yet I can't seem to remove it from the the view. It is redundant because there is a legend that is included on the print version of the calendar. I have triple checked the settings and I do not have the checkbox for "display" selected on the Map Columns section but it still displays anyways.



  • Hamza1
    Hamza1 Moderator

    Hi @Sara H,

    I was unable to replicate the behaviour on Calendar App. I would suggest trying to create a new Calendar View to see if the behaviour changes.

    If the behaviour persists, I believe that the better route is to open a ticket with the Support team through the customer support portal  so we can help troubleshoot the issue in a private channel and provide assistance. Please provide the following information in your ticket:

    • Full screen recording of your Calendar View settings
    • Name and ID of the sheet (File > Properties)