Is there any limit on displaying number of years in Smartsheet Calendar?


I am trying to create a ten year calendar of events for my team. I have added all the data to the smartsheet but the corresponding calendar in Smartsheet Calendar can only display events till 2028. When I tried to access the events beyond Q2 2028, I am getting an error - 'oops, something isn't right'.



  • Hamza1
    Hamza1 Moderator

    Hi @Preethy Jana,

    I am unsure if there’s a limit to the number of years that the Calendar App can display, but in my testing I was able to see tasks until 2040 which indicates that there's something else going on with your specific Calendar.

    I believe that the better route is to open a ticket with the Support team through the customer support portal  so we can help troubleshoot the issue in a private channel and provide assistance. Please provide the following in your ticket:

    • Screen recording of the behaviour showing your sheet set up and Calendar View