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Dashboard enhancement: drop down menus

Another request to recapture dashboard screen real estate.

I would like to see a drop down widget that expands to show:

  • added context/information
  • hyperlinks

Screen real estate is important on dashboards, so I hate taking up space with the links widget. Having a drop down with all the links would be a-maz-ing. If it could have icons + text on the hyperlink, all the better!

Another use would be providing context to charts or other information on the dashboard without having to dedicate area to a rich text widget. Someone new to a dashboard wants to understand the context behind a chart, they could click on a more info drop down that pops open with a rich text field. (Alternative would be hover tips that open when hovering over a chart... but some may find that annoying, so drop down might work better? Although, I am open to hover tips as well!)

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