Smartsheet Calendar Column and Task Names color not aligning

JBS27 ✭✭
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Hi there,

I'm currently pulling 4 separate grids into a single report to create a collision calendar. The calendar is color coded by sheet name. I recently added the 4th grid into the report and now the colors are not aligned. I created the custom colors by Sheet name previously but I cannot recall how to fix.

When I go to edit, I can only "color by sheet name"



  • Monique Odom-Stearn
    Monique Odom-Stearn ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @JBS27,

    There are two different ways to specify coloring in the Calendar App: by grouping (the column at the very left) and by tiles (the actual entries on the calendar). In the Settings for the calendar, custom coloring for the grouping occurs on the Map Columns page (page 3 of settings), while custom coloring for tiles occurs on the Time & Design page (page 5 of settings). If you want them to reflect the same coloring, make sure the settings for the coloring is the same on both pages for the same field.

    Please note, however, that if you are pulling your calendar from a report, you will only be able to customize the tile colors on the Time & Design page if the field you're choosing is a Dropdown List.

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  • Oana A.
    Oana A. ✭✭

    I am having the same problem as described above

    The source is a Smartsheet report, not a sheet. It is based on 20 schedule sheets. The grouping is done by sheet name, which is the column. The color by column is Sheet Name. The tiles used to be the same color as the column but no longer are. The dates recently changed and now there are 13 columns displayed instead of 12, when it worked correctly. Why did it changed?

  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Oana A.

    Try deselecting the Sheet Name column from the "color by column" section. Since you're using a Report, the Calendar won't be able to color by that column - it would need to be a dropdown selection in the Report.

    Deselecting it will allow the Calendar to go back to default colors and this should align again with columns.



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