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Dropdown options for approval workflows


For the approval automations/workflows that send out emails to specific personel with the option to approve or decline a request, it would be super helpful if SS would allow users to provide a dropdown list of standard rejection reasons.

I work on a team that when a new request comes to Finance we have a list of 5 reasons why something may be rejected each time. If a user could select one or more of those reasons as to why they're rejecting a request that would be amazing. Right now SS only allows for a comment field for a user to add comments. That isn't helpful for repetitive answers, because now users have to take time to add the rejection reason into the comment field and it's hard to get that informatoin back to the end user who submittted the request because they're submitting via a form and do not have access to the back-end Smartsheet. With a significant amount of users who could be submitting a request via a form it's not feasible to do this any other way.

Please work on getting this feature added. And get back to me with any short term solutions I could use in the meantime.

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  • Purnima Gore_PGPS
    Purnima Gore_PGPS ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 02/13/24


    Totally love this idea. I really need it. If a purchase order is rejected, I now have to add an update request straight after to ask why something was rejected and who an approver might be.

    The way it is now isn't helpful as you said @Ryan blake because I have two additional automations and I think less is more :-).