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Brent Wilson
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I am about to launch my first control centre Blueprint and one thing I am wondering is what would be a best practice for recording notes at a program level.

We have a status meeting that reviews the projects in the Blueprint Summary..

The client will pass on a tidbit of knowledge in the meeting and we will record a note.. like let’s say “We need preliminary design for project 123456 by next Tuesday..”

what would be the best way to record that and then have it push down to the program level…

it would take too long in the update meeting to click down in the project and then write a note or to go into the timeline as we probably should and change that task due date for next Tuesday…

we are given 1 minute per project.. and have about 200 projects to review in a meeting..

part of me is wondering if I use a report and add something in one of the sheets like a RAID log which I have in the template folder.. or somehow use datashuttle to push it back from the blueprint summary. I would like it visible on the project dashboard.

I don’t think the blueprint summary can push data back..

And if this data is in a METADATA row how would I use automation to push those comments into each of the 200 projects..

How do others do this?

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