Azure authentication & process mailboxes


Sysadmin Security question - My understanding is if we use Azure authentication as SSO and auto-provisioning, everyone that logs in to our enterprise account has to be real person with their own email address. We cannot assign a license to a 'process mailbox' that multiple people access. We're in a Microsoft environment obviously (Azure, Exchange).

This question is coming from Control Center blueprint owners. The Smartsheet help on CC says to use a process mailbox so multiple people can administer the Control Center. I don't believe that is an option for us given our mandatory authentication to Azure Directory.

I'd appreciate confirmation from those that understand the security settings.


  • Hamza1
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    edited 10/24/23

    Hi @laurie.stack44711

    The use of the “process email” or a dedicated service account in Smartsheet Control Center is not mandatory. This is just a recommended tip to avoid changing the Primary Lead each time if they leave. This way, you can transfer Primary Lead duties to another user without updating the Primary Lead account in Control Center. For more information on this see the help article on Control Center: Managing the Primary Lead role.



  • AWentz
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    @Hamza1 - We are in the same situation with Azure SSO and so creating a dedicated service acct to be the Primary Lead in CC is being questioned.

    The main reason we'd like to use a Service Acct as the CC Primary Lead is because of the "Name" tied to each project, invited by, notification, create by, etc. We don't one person's name associated to every activity and email being sent out of Smartsheet. Is there a Help Guide that explains where the Primary Lead Name shows up for all sheets, activities, dashboards, reports, ownership, etc??