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Arnold Cruz
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is there a way that i can see the planned versus actual progress of the project ? baseline versus actual?




  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    There is no Baseline feature in Smartsheet as yet.  The options are:

    Insert KPI's in the form of Milestones and Lock the rows so Editors cannot change them.

    Create a copy of the plan when finished Planning and lock all rows, then create a Master project that both the Plan and the Baseline feed into using linked cells.

    Create additional Columns for Baseline start and Baseline Finish, Copy Plan dates to these and lock them.  Create additional calculated columns to work out the variances.


    Not Ideal but all possible.

  • Sarah S

    Just jumping on to say I'm looking for this functionality as well! Hope this can be added in the future, would be very helpful.

  • Charlie Rarick
    edited 08/04/15

    I would love to see this capability as well.

    Managing projects is a big part of what I do.

  • Robert Poddar

    Hi Arnold, 

    I too was looking at SmartSheet feature supporting multiple baseline. Currently, i have do the following. I have 4 columns "Trend Start", "Trend Finish", "Baseline Start" and "Baseline Finish". 

    The first plan which i review with the team and have it approved, i enter the dates in the "Baseline Start" and "Baseline Finish" columns. At this point, i got to Edit Project Settings and under the "Date rate display", i select "Baseline Start" and "Baseline Finish". This is done to ensure that the predecessor is working properly. 

    During the project execution, i update the plan (if i see a shift) and start entering the new dates in the "Trend Start" and "Trend Finish" columns. At this point i go to the Edit project settings and change the "Date Rate Display" to "Trend Start" and "Trend Finish". This way, whenever i make any changes in predecessor columns, the "Baseline Start" and "Baseline Finish" dates don't change. 

    Now at any given time, i can see the drift of the plan. 

    The only drawback that i see is that one cannot get Gantt graphs showing the plan and the actual/trend. 

  • Candi Lewis
    edited 09/12/16

    The below article touches on this:

    Critical Path - Where Smartsheet fails - Need a Critical Path filter ASAP | Smartsheet Community




  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    This may help.

    Option 1 - 2 plans feeding into  report


    Option 2 - 1 Plan with both Plan and Actuals



    Not perfect but both workable.



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