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  • Heather Mize
    Heather Mize ✭✭✭✭

    I am thankful for the Smartsheet Community! Being able to search for a specific issue I'm having and if I'm not able to find it, the Smartsheet community is so quick to respond with not only an answer but an explanation of why that is the correct answer. So appreciated.

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo Overachievers

    Dashboards, ,makes all the difference!

  • Steven Sawyer
    Steven Sawyer Overachievers

    Control Center was a game changer for us. It allowed us to scale up...

  • LGarcia2022
    LGarcia2022 ✭✭✭

    Dashboards and automations. Dashboards to give me a quick glance into metrics and automations to make my to do list so much shorter!

  • dfortuna
    dfortuna ✭✭✭✭

    I am thankful for Dashboards and Automations. Dashboards provides teams with data at a glance and automation to streamline processes. Also, I am thankful for the community! Without the community support, I would not have been successful in building some complex sheets.

  • Pete N
    Pete N ✭✭

    I am thankful for the capability of the no code feature to build out robust real solutions with ease and agility. We started with just Core functionality basics and over time added new abilities, automation and other Smartsheet premium apps iteratively allowing us to get familiar with Smartsheet, grow and groom the solution at a pace that we are able to comfortably without excessive upfront cost or disruption to our daily work.

  • Kboyd
    Kboyd ✭✭

    I feature I am most thankful for is Automated Workflows. Employees used to have to remember to send emails to other employees for notifications, now it's as easy as entering a date or checking a box.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Nick Stamatakis
    Nick Stamatakis ✭✭✭✭

    Automations and Dynamic Reports have solved many a problems for me this year. And with the EAP and the ability to generate formulas with AI, it's a chef's kiss!

  • Definitely thankful for dashboards and automations! I love that I can set something and not have to worry about remembering. The request status updates is probably one of my favorites for the users experience.

  • There are many features make add big value to my sheets but I believe the most valuable one is Automation. It really makes my life easy with a lot of organized notifications and requests for approval. Thanks for developing that valuable feature.

  • Syama
    Syama ✭✭

    I'm thankful for the Form where any question creates a Column in the sheet (reverse) to capture the data. I would be more thankful if some new layout editing capabilities had been added to make it more attractive and catchy.

  • Camie Keuck
    Camie Keuck ✭✭✭

    Smartsheet has helped my company be able to streamline our repair processes and allow for us to work outside of of our programs that are less than user friendly. We have also been able to use smartsheet as a training tool for new employees and with the use of Forms, we can in "real time" see what is being picked up to allow for production to schedule ahead of receiving said items. Very thankful for these forms that have been made available offline so vendors aren't required to be connect to the internet. Dashboards are also something to be thankful for as you can display important information in one place!

  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭

    While not exactly a single "feature", I am thankful for Smartsheet's flexibility.

    I looked at a lot of project management tools before selecting Smartsheet. The flexibility it provides to do more than just manage projects was one of the biggest reasons for our choice. And now we can standardize, automate, report on, and track so many things we hadn't even imagined BSE (before smartsheet era).

  • NickStaffordPM
    NickStaffordPM ✭✭✭✭

    Two really stick out to me. Automations and rolling up several sheets into one centralized place.

    Automations have allowed us to deliver the required information needed to complete a step in the process to the applicable stakeholder. This helps us ensure our processes are completed consistently and with little room for miscommunication. Leveraging this idea across all our processes is something we look forward to in 2024.

    Rolling up several data collection sheets that allow us to capture data in different ways that are required by each functional group allows us to create centralized data repositories without having to compromise functionality for each group. This fuels our dashboards and reports for senior leadership and will help us communicate value to important stakeholders. 

  • Automations to remind all out team of updates and up and coming tasks to keep our projects on track.