Data Shuttle Works upon set up then fails

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Hello, I set up an Offload workflow to SharePoint. It ran for two days and has been falling since. I receive the following error "Workflow Execute: Could not access target. Please check your workflow configuration for errors.". In some of the research, found that I should not use Microsoft Edge. I deleted my workflow and created a new one in Chrome, and I'm experiencing the same issue.

Thank you.


  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭

    Are you offloading to a shared or personal SharePoint site? Data Shuttle should respect the restrictions of SharePoint as well as Smartsheet. If it's on a shared drive there can be some weird behavior where it works intermittently. For example if other people in your org are trying to access the source file while Data Shuttle is attempting to run (in Smartsheet or SharePoint I believe), it will often fail. Shared drives are tougher and can be inconsistent. If it's a personal drive then this would be odd behavior for sure.

  • Thank you for the response. It is on a shared SharePoint. I have it set to run overnight; however, we do have colleagues who may leave it open or work different time zone that may open it.

  • Caprise - this just happened to me and this is how I resolved it. We wanted to offload to a SharePoint folder in a shared site. It failed when I selected the folder from the SharePoint path. I went to the folder in SharePoint and created a shortcut to OneDrive. Once I did that, I went back to creating the workflow and mapped it via "My Files" in One Drive and that worked.

  • Thank you Tammy. The One Drive you speak of, that is only something I can access, I need this open to all colleague in my organization. Have you run into that issue?