Forms Behavior in WorkApps

I have a claims tracking system with a couple of forms, and a few sheets used for reference. Users enter data into the forms and may need to navigate to the other pages for reference to fill in the form. The problem is that the form refreshes every time you navigate back to it. How do I get it to hold the form data until the user clicks submit, while allowing them to navigate to other pages in the App?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Christine Martin

    You are correct: adding a Form as a page in a Workapp means that if you navigate away from that page and come back to it, the page "refreshes" as if you're opening it for the first time (like closing a tab) meaning any previously input data (but not submitted data) will be erased upon refresh.

    If you need them to concurrently have the form open but also reference other pages, I would recommend having them open the form as a URL in a separate tab in their Browser, versus as a Page in the Workapp. One way to do this would be to surface the URL to the form in a Dashboard. That way they can keep one browser tab with the references and another tab kept open as they fill out the form.



  • Thank you, Genevieve. Not the answer I was hoping for, but my suspicions confirmed. I haven't published the app yet, so they're already working in multiple tabs and/or windows. I was hoping the app could eliminate all of those.

    I suppose I should find somewhere to submit it as a suggestion, but for now I can at least group each user's working pages so they don't have to go hunting for them!

    Thanks again!