Best Practices for Sharing Dynamic View?


I have just been granted access to dynamic view and am using it to improve some of my sheets. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for sharing dynamic view with others? I recognize that it is accessible by clicking "Dynamic View" on the sheet, using a link, or accessing it through a Work App. So far, I think I am leaning towards the Work App option but I think I could also create a report in a WorkApp that would serve the same purpose.

Is there any way for a dynamic view of a sheet to show up in someone's recently used smartsheets?

Just trying to think of ways that people can come back to their commonly used dynamic view. I'm not sure if it's intuitive to go to when everything else lives on Thank you!!

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  • RoseCliver
    RoseCliver ✭✭
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    You should utilize Work Apps or shared links for Dynamic View. To ensure easy access, integrate it within Smartsheet or create a report in a Work App for frequent use.