Data Shuttle dropdown menu not updating correctly according to filters

I have a drop down menu in a sheet and corresponding form that I want to automatically update using data shuttle according to todays date. I want the drop down to have selections for certain months, and then as time passes and cut-off dates are reached, those months are removed and are no longer available from the drop down menu in the form. I have it mostly working using two sheets and using an offload and an upload in DS.

1) Drop Down Choices Sheet -- A sheet of all months where cut-off dates are compared to todays date, thereby determining whether or not a month should be displayed on the list. Also on that sheet I have a star column so that I can control which months can potentially be on the drop down menu, i.e. if I only want Jan, Feb, and Mar to ever be listed, then I can start those columns and they get taken off one at a time as cut-off dates are reached. I have an offload data shuttle set up with no filters, attaching to the same sheet.

Most recent offload run:

2) User's Form Sheet -- This is where the drop down menu is that needs to be updated. I have an upload configuration that targets the sheet and maps to the correct column. The upload configuration applies a filter with two conditions. It has to be a potential month (starred) and it has to be active (checked). As you can see, it's not bringing in July and August.

Most recent upload run: (Why not 7 rows filtered?)


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @dmui88

    Has this worked for you since posting the question? I did a test set-up with similar data and it brought in July and August. If it's still not working, I'd like to check a few things:

    • What does the offload excel file look like?
    • How are you changing the checked boxes & stars? Is this a formula or manual check?