Dear Smartsheet Santa

Michelle Maas
Michelle Maas ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/18/23 in Smartsheet Basics

The amount of admin time spent on Smartsheet is excessive, time consuming, and uneconomical. For example, every time we copy or move rows to another sheet with the same column names, the formulas are lost, so we have to manually enter and remap each and every formula for several rows and sheets, which takes days to complete. Is it possible to 1. create universal references so once created it can be used in any sheet, and 2. copy/move formulas, not just values?

A huge disappointment is the mobile view and functionality. Our engineers, when on site, cannot always use their laptop and it is incredibly difficult to update project sheets on their mobile, let alone navigate any of the other sheets the business uses to collaborate. Jira has better functionality and although it can be integrated to Smartsheet, as a small business this is not a cost effective solution. Please can the mobile app user experience be improved.

It is not within a small company's budget to be able to upgrade to a higher plan just to access pivot tables. Will Smartsheet consider including pivot table functionality in the Business Plan?

Can the number of references in a sheet be increased. Having to break out reporting sheets and do workarounds just to keep reporting functioning is not an effective way to operate. Trying to do forecasting in Smartsheet is better than Excel but has many limitations that Excel does not.

When we comment against a row and cc-email a person in, then move the row, can the link stay with the row regardless of where it moves to. Is it possible the URL is tied to the row, not the sheet?

The business plan resource planning is limited which means we have to manually complete time reports to work out the hours to charge against projects. This means duplication of tasks in Smartsheet against project or department sheet, then copied into time reports in Smartsheet. Can this be improved without having to upgrade?