Clone cells or rows?

Hi All,

Hope you are well.

We currently use Smartsheets as part of our product management and planning.

We have a Sheet with all our current development work some of which has been started and some of which has not been started, the problem is this sheet is getting quite big with all our current and upcoming work its named "All Development".

My plan is to somehow replicate or clone rows or at least cells that are currently active into another sheet "Active Development" which will only show our current work. We can't just filter because we have 3/4 other sheets which we use for different pieces of work depending on the product.

What is the best way to go about this?

We need to clone active work which we could do by checking the "Current Status" column has a value as its blank if not started. If "Current Status" has a value then pull back this row and all others, if possible we would like to then be able to update the row within the new sheet and it would replicate across to the larger "All Development" sheet, this would dramatically benefit us managing the larger sheet.

Thanks for any help or ideas about how we could achieve this.