Jira Connector giving an error about webhook and notifications

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I finally was able to get the Jira Admin on the line and we were setting up the Jira Connector. We got it all the way set up and when I run the Workflow - I get this error message:

Setting up the notifications failed. Please contact your JIRA System Administrator and let them know that notifications from Webhooks are no longer working so that they can investigate.

I had the SysAdmin on the line and he was very confused since we are connected with the API - and he doesn't see any settings for a Webhook and doesn't understand why it is even needed... there is also no documentation in the help about this error.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @isa.ohara

    I've seen this error before when the Jira Connector connection owner is not a Site Admin in Jira. In this case, the Jira Connector is unable to create the webhook in Jira (aka complete the workflow) using the connection owners credentials since they don't have the required permissions in Jira.

    You'll want to ensure that the user who registered the Jira Server on the connector admin page has Jira Global Admin permissions. Here's more information: Administration and Setup of the Smartsheet Jira Connector

    If that's not the case, another option could be that the requests to the Jira webhooks endpoint are being blocked in the your firewall.

    If this hasn't helped, please contact Support with full screen captures (or a screen recording) of the process and configuration along with the error message. They will likely want to see the WEX file with "Completed with Errors" from the connector run logs.