Control Center Summary Roll Up

I am trying to create a roll up sheet that adds up my project information from each of my existing projects as well as when I create a new project. Right now I have waste tracking sheets in each project folder that are capturing data and a metadata sheet that sums up that data to show the totals for each year. What I am trying to do is get a total count of all projects per year on a single sheet so that I can create charts off of them. I do not want to do a report because of the limited widget capabilities when putting it on a dashboard.


  • December seven - Waste Tracking: this captures the data that our teams input such as the amount of mixed debris waste generated in one month of 2023.
  • December seven - project waste - Metadata: This sums all of the waste from the waste tracking sheet for one project

GOAL: make a third sheet that sums all of the data from all of the project waste - metadata sheets that does not require me to manually add it to a formula each time a new project is created.