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Send Automation emails to multiple people like we send emails in 'TO' and 'CC'

To enhance automated workflows that send email alerts to multiple recipients, it would be beneficial to offer the flexibility of choosing between sending individual emails (as currently supported by Smartsheet) or sending a consolidated group email, which is not currently available.

Often, the email alerts in Smartsheet are sent to several individuals, with the requirement that any one of them can take specific action. However, when these emails are sent individually, there is no way for someone to use the "reply all" function to notify the entire group that they will handle the task. Consequently, multiple individuals may end up taking the same action without being aware that others are doing the same, or no one takes action, assuming that someone else will address the task.

Introducing a simple checkbox in the automated workflow setup, allowing users to select between sending individual emails or a group email, would be a valuable and user-friendly feature to implement.

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