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Email flexibility - a CC option

Hi There - part of the function I use Smartsheet for is notifying folk around changes. This almost always includes a specific recipient and a number of FYI's. Currently all recipients are at the TO: level in any email, it would be elegant if there was a CC: option as well.

Although I probably wouldn't use it Bcc: field could be useful to some folk too?

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  • Hello - I totally agree. I found an old thread on this but there is no follow-up posted which indicates if it was ever taken up as a product enhancement.

    When I send Update requests to my Sellers, I always have additional folks who need to see the update to ensure that it is actioned (ie, line manager or Operations lead). However, now there are two or more pending Update requests and I cannot easily scan to see what is outstanding because if the Seller did complete the Update but the Manager or other CC did not (which I dont expect them to), then the pending Update request remains. And, it is sometimes confusing to the FYI person as to whether or not they need to reply.

    Can you not add a "CC" field, please?

  • Hello, Is there an update on this Submitted Idea?

    The ability for all recipients (included in one email) to see who all is getting the notification would be spectacular.