Archiving Data

How do you go about archiving large data sets from sheets? I know you can create automations to move rows to another sheet but what happens when that sheet gets too large as well? I have thousands of entries that happen every day and I am trying to use data shuttle to offload the data but with offloads, it just replaces the same document each time which I do not want to do. I want to be able to still access all my data for at least a year. Is there a way to get all my data from a sheet into data table?

Basically I want all rows from the last 4 months to stay in the sheet but the rest i want to be able to export or offload to an excel file so that I have that data still. Is there a way to automatically do this with data shuttle or data table or do I need to go to my archive sheet, export it and delete everything on a set frequency or make additional archive sheets?