See who changed cross sheet references?


Is there any way to see in the activity log who changed a cross sheet reference?

I have a sheet set up with dozens of cross sheet references used in Index/Match etc., and recently one of the reference ranges was changed to look at a column in a completely different sheet.

Any insight?


  • Linda Manduchova
    Linda Manduchova ✭✭✭✭

    Hello @RobFahey27 -

    From what I'm aware of, you can go to the Sheet Reference Manager and see in the Cross Sheet References tab, who modified last time the cross-sheet reference and date of when it was modified last time. Additionally, you can go to the Activity Log, and see time when the cross-sheet reference was added but you will see "Cell Link" as the name of the user. However, if the cross-sheet reference's name was changed (vs just editing the reference under the same name), you can see the name of the user and time under the "Cells Changed" action in the Activity Log. When you expand the Cells Changed action, you can see how the reference has changed.